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Health Care Reform

This was written by the father of one of my good friends from when I was growing up - John William Smith from Rockville, MD

Til This Summer..... An American Story

Until this summer, when the Town Meeting Thugs, took over the town hall health care meetings, I thought I lived in a democratic America.

Until this summer, I thought I lived in a democratic America, and loved the fact that Americans overwhelmingly elected a black man to the nation's highest elective office, that is until THT began carrying loaded guns to the President's appearance at health care meetings. Until this summer, I thought calling the President vile, racist-names, was a thing out of America's unforgiveable past.

Until this summer, when the THT took over the nation's Town Hall meetings, and drowned out any intelligent discussions of the nation’s need to discuss the need to reform national health care matters, I thought I lived in a democratic America.

Until this summer, it did not dawn on me that the THT were bought and paid-for insurance and pharmaceutical company shills and provocateurs.

Until this summer, I thought there was at least respect for the office of the President, until THT burned him in effigy, painted Hitler-like mustaches on his pictures, and called him names that belied any respect for his office and for his humanity.

Until this summer, I thought American parents would welcome a public address by the President, to the students of the nation to study hard, get good grades and graduate from high school, but I was wrong about some misguided parents.

Until this summer, I had hoped that America's racist past was receding from its heart, but the THT, in their most virulent outbursts about race and culture, erased those thoughts of hope from my mind. How sad!!!!!!!!

Until this past summer, I had hopes that America's belief in democratic principles, would be a shining light to people of other nation's, but the THT have given a black eye to that hope.

Until last summer, the THT thought they had won the health care war; good Americans saw through theTHT "30 pieces of silver" take, and good Americans overwhelmingly still want a new and reformed health care system that will:
not discriminate against the sick and disabled; protect the health care needs of senior citizens; be portable across state lines; be competitive with a public option function; be cost effective and keep costs contained; cover and protect all Americans.

The THT had a wonderful summertime insulting the intelligence of the American people, and insulting elected officials and their constituents; even now the THT don’t realize that they have lost the war against the American people. There will be a new health care law.

Written this day, September 7, 2009, by johnwilliamsmith