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WooHoo! I got to go see Obama yesterday when he came to Colorado State University. I found a co-worker in line and got in with him. The line was over 1 1/2 miles long, about 5 people deep. We ended up with approx 50,000 people at the rally. It was really amazing.

What was even more amazing is that I ended up being really close, so I could see him well. I was close enough to be able to see facial expressions and everything! It was so exciting. Everyone was smiling and giddy waiting for him to arrive. The whole crowd was practically vibrating!

I got a few decent pics with my camera, but you can really see the limitations of the old low-megapixal digitals in this sort of situation. I could see him more clearly with my eyes than you can see him in these pics.

Here is the crowd streaming in from the upper right corner of the pic.

Obama speaking: