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6x6 Meme

I found this meme on Stitches of Violet (http://stitchesofviolet.blogspot.com/). I have way too many pictures on my computer, and I was curious what was in the sixth folder, so I thought I would give it a shot.

The rules:
--Go to your sixth picture folder and pick the sixth picture
--Pray you remember the details
--Tag five others

If you need a quick and easy blog post, you're tagged. Let me know so I can visit and see what you found in your sixth folder.

My sixth picture folder is called 2008_05_11 for May 11, 2008. I was taking pictures of the beautiful redbud tree in my yard which was at peak bloom. I got distracted by this honey bee visiting one of the many dandelions in our back yard (yes, our neighbors LOVE us!). I love watching pollinators - they are just way too cool! I especially like bumble bees and all the funny little native bees and flies that look like bees.