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Pattern for Earl Lenmeyer the Flask

I am finally getting around to posting my pattern for Earl Lenmeyer the Flask! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. (On Ravelry, I am craftyshanna)

Correction (incorporated below):
Round 5 (white): (sc in first four sc, INC {corrected from "dec"}) around (= 15 sc)

If you see any errors in the pattern, please let me know! I'm happy to fix them. This was my first pattern, so it was a bit sketchy. Several people have pointed out problems, so I hope it is now error free - but you never know!

Earl Lenmeyer the Flask

Blue yarn (or color of your choice; any weight; size of flask will vary depending on yarn weight)
White yarn (same weight and preferably same brand as blue)
Size F crochet hook (or size needed for tight crochet
Two plastic safety eyes, googly eyes, or yarn/floss for embroidering eyes
Black embroidery floss
Fiberfill or other stuffing
Stitch marker

Gauge is not important. Finished size will vary depending on yarn weight, hook size, and tightness of crochet

Round 1: Magic Loop (or double ring) 6 stitches in blue or color of choice (or chain 2 and sc 6 times in 2nd chain from hook); place stitch marker. Move stitch marker to last stitch at end of each round.
Round 2: inc in each sc around (= 12 sc)
Round 3: (sc in first sc, inc in next sc) around (= 18 sc)
Round 4: (sc in first two sc, inc in next sc) around (= 24 sc)
Round 5: (sc in first three sc, inc in next sc) around (= 30 sc)
Round 6: (sc in first four sc, inc in next sc) around (= 36 sc)
Round 7: (sc in first five sc, inc in next sc) around (= 42 sc)
Round 8: (sc in first six sc, inc in next sc) around (= 48 sc)
Round 9: sc around in back loops only
Round 10: sc around
Round 11: (sc in first six sc, dec) around (= 42 sc)
Rounds 12 – 13: sc around
Round 14: (sc in first five sc, dec) around (= 36 sc)
Rounds 15 – 17: sc around
Round 18: (sc in first four sc, dec) around (= 30 sc)
Rounds 19 – 20: sc around
Round 21: (sc in first three sc, dec) around (= 24 sc)
Round 22: sc around
Place eyes if using safety eyes.
Round 23: in back loops only (sc in first two sc, dec) around (= 18 sc)
Round 24: (sc in first sc, dec) around (= 12 sc)
Stuff firmly.
Round 25: dec around (= 6 sc)
Pull tightly and finish off.

Round 1: Join white yarn in front loop of first sc of blue Round 23 and sc around (= 24 sc)
**Explanation- Since you only decreased in the back loops of round 23 above, there will still be 24 front loops into which the white can be joined and crocheted.**
Round 2: (sc in first two sc, dec) around (= 18 sc)
Rounds 3 – 4: sc around
Round 5: (sc in first four sc, dec) around (= 15 sc)
Rounds 6 – 10: sc around
Finish off.
Embroider smile and graduations (measurement markings).
Give him a hug!

Edited 3-8-2010 to correct some errors! (Thanks Bookette!)
Edited for clarification 4-26-2011.


Apr. 26th, 2011 08:46 pm (UTC)
Thanks for pointing out that this was confusing. I added an explanation that will hopefully clarify things. It's been a while since I made this guy though, so if it still doesn't make sense when you get to the point where you are switching to white, give me a holler! I think this explanation was how I did it, but I could be wrong. :P

I'm glad you like Earl! He and the other amigurumi in my science set were a lot of fun to make.
Jul. 13th, 2011 06:29 pm (UTC)
Hey, sorry it's taken me so long to reply to this. Your explanation made perfect sense, and for a first-ever crochet project Earl came out nearly perfectly, and my friend loved him :D However, she's already poking me to make her a gel to go with, though I have point-blank refused to even think of making her a pipette for at least two years...