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What do you want?

Q: Let's say you're unfathomably wealthy. Money is not an issue- you could spend off-handedly for the rest of your life and never keep track and never run out, and because of this you could be and do anything you wanted, anything at all, for the rest of your life. What would it be? Of course, you want things. Let's say you've gotten them all, and as you discover new things that make you happy you can keep buying them. But what else? How would you occupy yourself for the rest of your life? List the first nine things that come to mind if you can.

ETA:  Damn, I obviously didn't read this very well.  I thought I was supposed to write about what I would buy with all my money.  Not what I would do since I had so much money I could do whatever I wanted.  Oh well, here are my answers of what I would spend my unfathomable wealth on.


Crap! I just spent a hug amount of time answering this, and my answers went away! I turned around to talk to someone, then I turned back and they were gone!  Where did they go????

Well, here is a recap as best I can. But I'm sure it won't be as good as the original. They never are. :(

1) I would help others. No, really. This is the first thing that came to mind. I have so much and there are so many people with next to nothing. I would give them food, clothing, shelter, education, training, and whatever else was necessary to help them be comfortable and self-sufficient.  If the money is never-ending, I should be able to help a lot of people!

2) I'd pay off our debts and the debts of my friends and family.  We'd all own our houses and cars and have not credit card debt.

3) I'd travel.  I'd go wherever we (DH and I) decided to go.  Sometimes we would take the kids (with a tutor) and other times we'd leave them with family or the best care money can buy.  Spain, Italy, Turkey (is Turkey safe for Americans right now?), Egypt, Greece, Africa, etc.

4) I'd fund research.  As a former scientist, I know how hard it is to get research funded, especially when all the money is going to bombing the crap out of Iraqis and Afghans and others.  I'd fund alternative energy research, scientific research, medical research, and anything else that sounded like it would benefit humanity or provide us with cool info about how the universe works.

5) I'd buy the most energy efficient car out there.  Heck, I'd buy a fleet of them and give them away to people with old, gas-guzzling cars.

6)  I'd buy a bigger house to hold all our stuff.  It would have lots of windows, a nice big yard with several gardens and someone to take care of them, someone to cook for us when we didn't want to, and someone to clean for us.

7) I'd donate enough money to Barak Obama and the Democratic Party that he'd want to meet me.  How cool would that be?  Barak is the man!

8)  I'd buy art and I'd buy stuff from small locally-owned businesses and other underdogs.  Any time I heard about a reasonable business that was about to go under, I'd buy a ton of whatever and help keep them afloat.  Then I'd find people who want rubber duckies or whatever I just bought and give them the goods or services.  I wish I had been able to do this for a friend recently whose restaurant had to close.  And it was a good restaurant with a nice atmosphere.  :(

9) I'd buy wild land all over the world to preserve it and the plants, animals, and other organisms living in or on it.

I know I sound like a total idealist, but I would really like to do these things more than I would want to go out and buy a myself a Hummer.  Heck, I wouldn't drive a Hummer if you gave me one.  Well, maybe I'd drive it off a cliff (after jumping out at the brink). 

Did I mention yarn?  I'd need lots of yarn to play with during all of my travels.  :)