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Playin' with Clay

My 4 yr old daughter is really crafty already, and for her birthday in January, I got her a bunch of her own Sculpey, some tools, and some tiny cookie cutters of animals, flowers, and things. She has been doing a lot of clay playing lately, and she often asks me to play too. I have made a couple of little things lately that I am happy with, so I thought I'd post pics.

First, the purple and light pink she has made me think of the octopus and HK I got for the WLA swap, so I ended up making a clay version of the octopus. (Ignore the finger prints - they aren't nearly as obvious in real life. At least that's what I tell myself!)

Here she is at work, sitting on my printer with her inspiration and HK (made by the very talented kidmissile).

Then today, I just started mixing some of her bright colors. I decided it needed to become a little turtle. The whole thing is just over an inch long. She has been carrying it around all day.


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